Aug 02

Golden Oldie.

There is a time!

One of the casualties of this age is a growing ignorance of the cycle. The cyclical nature of creation of life, the family, relationships, societies, communities and such. Something to consider perhaps is that the cyclical nature of cycles is natural. Sometimes we find ourselves feeling like life is always uphill any mostly against the wind.

I ran across something from way back that was addressed to the subject of worry and its paralyzing vortex we can slip into. It was interesting how the author pinned worry as a reasonal natural process for us when we are going against the tide, or cycle. Maybe this something to listen to and think about and as well I offer the question, when did the American way become going against the grain of nature as our choice of first resort.

Check this out.Jim Rohn | Kick The Worry Habit Full Audiobook On…: http://youtu.be/OtnfocSdd9c

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